Legionella can be life-threatening. Is your business taking steps to prevent it?

Exposure to Legionella can lead to serious illnesses. In fact, at its worst, it can be fatal. Under Health & Safety laws, employers are responsible for controlling any risks associated with exposure to Legionella, and we can help your business to comply with these regulations. Our Legionella Risk Assessment covers:

  • Identifying and assessing risks
  • Understanding the impact and how to manage risks
  • Education and training
  • Managing prevention and control
  • Procedures and processes for monitoring and documentation
  • Response to exposure and accident reporting

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Legionnaire’s disease: who it affects and what you need to know

Understanding the threat of Legionnaire’s disease and identifying the risk with a Legionella Risk Assessment

Anyone can be at risk from exposure to Legionella and, according statistics, there were more than 600 Legionnaire’s disease cases in 2017 – a 40% increase on 2016’s figure. Although everyone is susceptible, the elderly and people with existing health or respiratory problems are at most risk.

The threat exists wherever conditions in an organisation’s water supplies or systems allow the growth of Legionella bacteria. Typically, conditions are ideal when water temperature sits between 20˚C and 45˚C and contains nutrients, such as rust, scale or sludge.

A Legionella Risk Assessment can provide the peace of mind that your employees and customers are not at risk.

Where can you catch Legionnaire’s disease?

Legionnaire’s disease can be contracted by simply breathing in airborne water droplets containing the bacteria. More commonly, it can be found in air conditioning systems, spa pools, hot tubs, and in taps, sinks and water tanks, which means every business can be at risk.

Measures all business owners should take

It falls on the business owner to ensure that every reasonable step is taken to minimise the risk of someone catching Legionnaire’s disease. A Legionella Risk Assessment can do just that. To safeguard your employees and protect your business from legal action, processes such as risk assessments, water temperature control, monitoring, cleaning and reporting must be in place and competently managed.

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Understanding your business’ Health & Safety policies and procedures and managing Legionella is a challenge to any business – but we can help. We’ll help you take the right steps to manage any risks, keep your staff safe and protect your business, giving you peace of mind that all your legal obligations are being met.

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